Background check


        Individuals and Organizations are sometimes prone towards taking advantage of the system by providing inflated information, by being little away from the fact to secure business & maintain relationships.

The objective of background check of a vendor or an individual is to minimize instances on fact negotiations and compromises before or after engaging them for services and help the client in engaging the services based on the capabilities.

Scillz does the verification of individuals, private limited companies, partnership firm’s proprietorships, etc. based on the information provided versus the reality.

It is a Scillz initiative to improve the relationship between the client and the vendor engaged for services which would help not only in what business to engage and potentiality of the vendor in offering other services and also determining the appropriate pricing.

Scillz can provide a comprehensive data pertaining to vendor, more than the available historical database as provided by the client.

The verifications are primarily done to verify the employment history or the vendor delivery bandwidth to suit the requirement.